Privacy is one of the crucial things when you use the services of any online portal. You must be aware of the privacy terms of the portal so that your information should not be used for any other purpose. Being an online shopper you may have to provide the information of yourself for many purposes. Your information is fetched every time you browse any website so it is necessary that we should tell you a bit about our privacy policies so that we can establish better relationship. The data you provide us in form of user name, email, social media accounts and mobile numbers etc are completely safe with us and we do not sell or compromise this data for any kind of purpose before your consent. As is trying to establish itself as a community of online shoppers so we strongly believe that the data which we collect from you at the time of making the account with us will not be shared at any cost. With us you will be the part of a considerable online community of the shoppers who buy products and services with ecommerce portal and here you will get instant access to the coupons or deals from your favorite online shopping stores or the travel booking portal in the best and most convenient way. Now you are not required to search for the beat deals on the products which you are looking for as we brings you the deals from the top online store and here you can easily get the best price by using the updated discount codes and discount offers from these online ecommerce portals in the country.

You can become the member of this online community easily and can experience the brand new way of getting the coupons and deals from the online shops. With us you are not required to worry about the authenticity of the coupons as these codes are used by the other members also and you can easily get the ratings by other customers to make the best buying decision. We had tried to remain as transparent as possible related o the collection of your data and user content to make your shopping experiences better and if you are not happy with the services of extension then you can opt out from our services at any point of time. If you still have any kind of questions related to it then you can easily get in touch with us for direct redressal of the query.

What Information we collect from you? collects information from you at the time when you willingly want to become a registered member of our community. At the time of creating the account we generally ask for the information such as Name, email, username or other registration related data. With this you will be able to enjoy some extra feature of our tools which unregistered users do not take advantage of. You can anytime add more information to your account with the passage of time of being a registered user with us. You can also add user content which can be in form of comments or ratings you do for any deal or coupon on our website.

What information we do not collect from you?

We do not collect any personal data from you. We do not collect any data from email you provide to us and also do not use the data which we get from third party websites such as face book, twitter or instagram. We also some information automatically which can be the device, browser, ip etc you use while using our services this will help us for the certain analysis which help us to make your experiences better. We do not automatically collect personally identifiable information, but we may tie personally identifiable information with the automatically collected information using the above tools or information collected from other sources.

How do we use the information collected from you?

We use the information collected from you for many purposes which solely related to improving the experience of our users with us each day. Below are some of the things which we may do with the data you provide to us:-

To improve the content of advertisements and updates sent by us to you to keep you updated with latest deals and discount offers with ecommerce portals.

To do analysis of services by tracking traffic, usage and other factors. We also track the behavior with respect to the third party websites affiliate links so that we can improve the overall worth of our website for you

To secure you personal data and help to prevent any kind of frauds which may take place by using your information.

To validate any kind of contracts this may have liabilities or obligations arising out of contracts among us

To facilitate the protection of the third party website rights


We use cookies which will be dropped to your browser when you click on the links which redirect you the merchant websites. A cookie is a small text file which is sent to your computer or mobile device (referred to in this policy as a “device”) by the web server so that the website can remember some information about your browsing activity on the website. These cookies are the instruments which help us to track various aspects of our users so that we can make improvements on the basis of the feedbacks which we get from them. These cookies can be of third party websites such as popular online retail websites in the country. These cookies are not harmful for your system or browsers and you can remove them from your browser anytime by visiting the browser settings. However these cookies are with expiry dates and will get automatically erased from your browser after a specific time limit.

Use of Services by Children

We strictly follows the guidelines by The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) which refrains any children under the age of 13 to use our services as we cannot enter into user agreement with children below age of 13. Other minor have to obtain the consent of the parents before using our services. We also do not collect any kind of information from the Minors and not bound to any kind of claims by such users. We also request these users to not share any kind of data or personal information with us as we do not take any responsibility of the privacy of any such data which do not qualify our privacy terms

Your Consent

By using our services you give your consent to our terms and policies and are bind to it. We may take certain actions if you do not abide by these terms such as termination of the account or legal action depending on the damage caused. We do not support any kind of fraudulent activities such as collecting, storing, deleting, using, combining and disclosing information on our platform and if you do not agree on our terms of use then kindly do not use our services. At we are constantly trying to improve the shopping experiences of our valuable users by bringing best deals to their fingertips. If you have any kind of queries or suggestions for us then you can feel free to contact us at



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